Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Susie is overdue

Back in January, I wrote about this boy I know. I wrote about how much I love him and how much I miss him anytime we haven’t spoken for a while.
We haven’t spoken for 3 weeks now. He just hasn’t been online. Well, that’s not necessarily true, he’s been on myspace (I know not because I stalk him, but because he’s in my top friends so I happen to see the little ‘online now’ thing every now and then), but not msn. I’m guessing I’m blocked or something. I have to say, I would like to know why. I’m doing my best to be angry at him, but actually I think I just miss him. The bastard.

It’s getting to that stage of a drama performance where it’s taking over my entire life; it feels like all I ever do is rehearse, or think about rehearsing, or write a bloody portfolio about rehearsing. I love it though, I love having that kind of project, and I know that I’m going to love performing it on the night. Even if I’m not the biggest fan of certain members of my group, and a little doubtful of their ability to actually act. That sounds pretentious. I don’t care.

Susie is misogynistic. That’s a new and exciting word I learnt recently (courtesy of Mr Tom Barnes), and I’ve found myself using it more and more; because I really am. I really just don’t like women. Or girls. They bitch, they whine, they moan, they’re complicated, they over-dramatise everything, they flirt, they can’t do sport, they complain when people tell them they can’t do sport, they treat guys like crap, they’re over-sensitive, they always want attention even if they say they don’t; they’re just so irritating, I don’t see how guys can stand them. And yes, I realise that I am one, and I probably do most of those things on the list, but still.
It’s feminists that annoy me most. If they didn’t get so cagey and arsey about sexism, I doubt it would be as much of a problem. I just don’t understand why they feel the need to argue against people thinking that which is true. Females, biologically, were created to be the weaker, less brave sex, who gives birth and rears young. That’s what we do. Why can’t people face up to it, hell why can’t people ‘embrace’ it and enjoy it. Alright, so I probably won’t be a ‘traditional’ housewife, because I reckon I’d get a bit bored; but if one of my guy friends makes a joke about how a woman’s place is in the kitchen, I’m not going to quarrel it, I’m sure as hell not going to snap at them and try to out-argue them, because they’ve got a fair point. And if that is what they want in a wife, they have every right to look for it. People who say women’s sport should be as well-recognised as men’s sport, no it shouldn’t! Women’s sport is shyte compared to men’s. Live with it.

Would I rather be a man? Nah, maybe I’m this way round for a reason. Plus, if I was a guy who disliked girls as much as I do, I’d have to turn gay, and that would open a whole other can of worms.

Susie is going to do some goddamn drama portfolio, because it’s due in tomorrow, and she is supposed to care about this subject.