Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Susie is all bunged up

I’m off school today. Was yesterday as well. To be fair, I’m not quite as ill as I could be, but my face is all full of stuff it doesn’t want to be and my tonsils are the size of golf balls, so I figure that’s enough; and besides, normally I have to argue like hell with my mother to let me have the day off, and this time it was her idea, so I wasn’t really going to say no, was I?

I’ve slept silly amounts the last few days. Yesterday I woke up at half 5 in the evening, and I’d slept fine all night as well. I tend to figure that if I can sleep that much, I should be sleeping that much. Maybe I’m anaemic or something. I’ll have a vitamin tablet.

Susie is all about the orange juice nowadays, she used to be an apple juice girl.

I’m writing this completely out of boredom, that’s why it’s so shit. I’m sorry, I’ll go to bed now.


Susie is putting two entries in one, because the last one wasn't really worth reading.

This one isn't going to be either.

I've just been let out of a chemistry lesson to revise, because I missed a test when I was off, and there won't be enough time to do it in the lesson. So now would be a prefect time to get some work done, or actually do some revision, right? Well, I'm not. Internet restrictions have lapsed somewhat, and now we can access blogspot and myspace at school (secretly of course, only a few know how) so the chances of me ignoring these and getting to work were always pretty low.

Besides, I'm off on a trip in 15 minutes, so I wouldn't really be able to get anything substantial done anyway. Well, that'll be my excuse.

I will however, sip my lemsip, mess around on here, and try to think of a way to fix my bag which is very broken and I have to carry to London soon :(

Susie is wondering if anyone has a safety pin she could borrow?

I'm going to an 18th tonight, it should be quite good fun. I'll get to see Sally and my boys, who I haven't seen since last thursday, and finally meet Sally's boyfriend, so that'l be lovely I'm sure.

I'm quite tired actually, not sure I'm looking forward to this treck into London. Granted the History Boys will be at the other end, but still, what ever happened to hiring a coach for school trips eh?

Right, that's it, I'm off on a hunt for a bag fixing device. Laters.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Susie is laughing

My dear anonymous commenter,
The fact that you even wrote that just proves how very little you know me. When I said I was going to be miserable on Valentines day, I was joking. I have by far enough perspective to realise that having a boyfriend is not actually that important, which is why it doesn’t bother me. I have plenty of people who like me for all the reasons that actually matter; far more than you, based on what I can assume of your attitude.
I, for one, never take things out on other people, I’m not sure where you got that idea from. And I certainly don’t take things out on strangers on the internet, without even having the balls to give my name.
‘Jst a idea’ for you. Firstly, learn how to spell and some basic grammar, people will respect you a lot more; secondly, don’t ever assume that you know me, because trust me darling, you don’t.
You really have put me in such a good mood today; because now I can always know, no matter how ‘down’ I may get, I will never ever be as sad and pathetic as you.
Drop by again sometime, sweetheart, it’s been lovely having you.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Susie is almost falling asleep at the keyboard

This is going to be a really bitty entry. I have nothing interesting to say and all the boring things are only small.

Half term has finally arrived, and yet again it seems to be full of things to do as well as that niggling need to do some work. In fact, not just some work; a hell of a lot of work. The chances of any of it getting done are so low, I might not even try.

We had a little trip to London on Monday; ZoĆ«, Raz, Anna, Chris, Fergy and myself. It was a lovely little crew and I had an absolutely wonderful time. There’s something about London which always makes me happy. The whole atmosphere of the place, the sense of being something very small in the middle of a huge city, the architecture; all of it, I really do love it there. One day I plan to just buy myself a travelcard and spend the day there going from place to place on my own, hopefully never really knowing where I am or where I’m going to. It’s so easy to think there.

In 2 hours, it’s going to be Valentine’s Day again. I’m really not a big fan of it, the hopelessly bitter single that I am; last year I got very drunk indeed on an awful lot of Vodka and Coke. But not this year. This year I’ll just be miserable and sober :)

I’ve found a new pet-hate recently: when people say ‘literally’ about something that is clearly not literal. For example ‘this will literally blow your mind’. Shut up.

Susie is probably going to bed soon because she was up until 5 in the morning at Ally's.

Monday, 4 February 2008

Susie is smiling

Isn’t it strange how conversation always seems to flow better when one person is trying to cheer the other up? Or is that just me? It’s worked out that way a couple of times in the last little while, and I’ve never really noticed it before. And somehow, even if you’re not the one being cheered up, you always leave the conversation happier, just for seeing the other person smile.

This is only a short (and sweet) entry before I hop off to bed. It’s fairly rare I feel this peaceful and happy; I just wanted to make a little record of it.

Susie is completely reminded of exactly why she loves him so much, and is laughing at herself for ever thinking she could change that.

You know what? I don't even want to change it.