Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Susie is buzzing

I’ve just had a really good night.

 Tonight was the final performance of one of our modules (Theatre and its Others, for anyone who cares). It was amazing how everyone pulled together, a little weird in fact. We had a pretty full-on day; rehearsals and what-not galore. But at the end of it, everyone was just happy for everyone else. Almost the entire year went to the SU afterwards, and as shit as Drapers is, everyone had a good time because we were all there together. Every person you bumped into would tell you how amazing your piece was, and somehow everyone was being honest.
The standard being set her is so high, I watch other people and am amazed that I am part of the same crowd; also doing a drama degree, also getting the same (if not better) marks. It’s wonderful.
At the end of the night, the tutors (one of whom - my tutor, obviously - I love as much as I loved Rowelly) had a drink with us, and we got to chat with them, and they were so happy, it was great. It’s times like this when I’m so glad I took a Drama degree. There’s a level of teamwork and comradery involved that is so lacking from other courses, but I think I crave. Tonight we all just grouped together and celebrated. Even people I didn’t know but saw on stage, we got to know each other for the sake of Drama (how pretentious does that sounds) and just had a good time.
As much as I love Flat 12, and the values it upholds (laziness and bumming around and not being cool) I do like a good night out. I like getting a bit drunk and I like partying and I like going to shitty Dixie Chicken up the road and feeling like I’m part of the cool group.
That’s what tonight was. I was cool for once, I was accepted, I fucking partied, and I fucking loved it.