Thursday, 25 February 2010

Susie is changing scenery

So, you will see that this here page has a whole new look. I could have spent this week tapping into the mountain of work I have due in any day now; instead I have spent it reliving my Myspace days - template generators and fumbling through html. Sure, I’ll change my mind about it within a week and sure, my head hurts a little bit from staring at my laptop too long, but I’m pretty sure I enjoyed it anyway. Besides, I’m 19 in 5 days; that makes me 20 in 370 days. And alas, I think that means my days of spending all waking hours in my jammies, fannying about on a computer are numbered.

It’s been a bit of a crap week, if I’m honest. I’ve been bored out of my mind at home - too bored to be happy, too lazy to do anything about it. I think I need structure a little more than I like to admit. Granted, my uni schedule isn’t exactly hectic, but perhaps it’s more stimulating than the (albeit masterfully engineered) TV schedule I’ve been keeping to this week. Maybe it’s just the company I miss; even if we don’t spend every second together, I think I like knowing that I’ve got flatmates down the hall should I want them.

Next week is going to quite counteract this one on all those fronts. I’ve got plenty of work due in, so plenty to keep me busy; I’ll have people around me all the time, from all different areas of my life; I think there’s even a risk I might enjoy going to my classes.

Susie is hoping that soon she will have something interesting to talk about.


Ami said...

Looks good Susie Q. Have you seen Avenue Q yet? I recommend it. xx
Love you xx

Anonymous said...
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